Thursday, 26 June 2014


Alhamdulillah. I'm grateful that I've been given the privilige to get this once again. 

I guess the next step is up, yah? It's time to leave the school I guess :)

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

These Streets

Had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Jules yesterday. The plan was to walk around kayell and karaok hahha 

Had not been to kayell sentral for so long and look what it has to offer now!! Cool place to hang around I think. The only catch is too many people hahah

While walking with Jules with that luggage of hers, I had this moments of deja vu. It felt like we were in pancreas st once upon a time ago lugging our bags from one end to another. Seeing strbcks reinforced that deja vu, I tell u hehehe 

I guess it's time to have a trip together then Jules :D

Went to visit this place too. How I miss this place. 

But looking at one uncle offering another uncle a chair to sit on reminds me that yeah they are getting older too. Sedihnya But that was not the only time I was reminiscing the old times. Being on the train passing by the old ventures really reminded me of the lost time. Oh how time flies.

I was glad that I met Jules but at the same time was sad walking down these streets that used to be our playground.

And it turns out that it is the same pattern of news that awaited me later that day. Oh well c'est la vie :((

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Daniel in the Den

Or more specifically me haha

The holiday has started and I'm still stuck marking. Didn't have the mood and time to finish this before holiday due to certain visits from the inspectorates and so now I'm trying my best to finish all the papers this week. Pray for me :D

Went to Cyber last Tues to send in my form. Third time the charm they say and I really hope it will work to my favour. Now I need to get on with editing my proposal etc

Yeah so many things to do so little time hehe

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Far Away

This is the moment that I have been dreading so much. Life is ever changing and changes are inevitable. I know the concept but I just don't think I can accept the fact.

I am sensing the distance. I don't think I can deal with it well. I can't envision a future without that person in it. Sheesh the thought itself is making me depressed.

This is why I don't let people in. Damn it. I shouldn't have expected so much but how could I not? When it is finally happening, I'm gonna miss the conversations we've had. Such joy and happiness those times have brought to me.

Oh gloomy days ahead.

World, watch out. I'm gonna break.

Saturday, 29 March 2014


After months deliberating on what kind to buy, I finally settled on this.

Don't know whether it was a brilliant idea or what as I'm still struggling on how to use it hahah Definitely different system and all but I will try to get the hang of it :)