Sunday, 20 April 2014

Far Away

This is the moment that I have been dreading so much. Life is ever changing and changes are inevitable. I know the concept but I just don't think I can accept the fact.

I am sensing the distance. I don't think I can deal with it well. I can't envision a future without that person in it. Sheesh the thought itself is making me depressed.

This is why I don't let people in. Damn it. I shouldn't have expected so much but how could I not? When it is finally happening, I'm gonna miss the conversations we've had. Such joy and happiness those times have brought to me.

Oh gloomy days ahead.

World, watch out. I'm gonna break.

Saturday, 29 March 2014


After months deliberating on what kind to buy, I finally settled on this.

Don't know whether it was a brilliant idea or what as I'm still struggling on how to use it hahah Definitely different system and all but I will try to get the hang of it :)

Thursday, 27 March 2014

What Now

I need another trip to obliterate the one that I just had. Gosh, I had such a miserable time and I kept counting the days to go back.

In the first place, I was selected (?) to go as it was a language programme thus I was needed there. Although my friends know that it's not a country I will go to. But because of the so called programme, I grit my teeth and went.

Thus it was a disappointment to know that it was more of a shopping trip. Don't get me wrong, I do shop when I travel but I won't spend hours and hours bargaining for cheap and fake stuff. And the fact that we had to wait for hours and hours just for one person to finish shopping really pisses me off.

Although it was done in the name of foreign exchange programme, we only spent less than 2 hours in the school but hours and hours of shopping. I mean, what the heck. Should have just asked teachers who like to shop to tag along haih

In conclusion, it was a wasted journey to me. I should have gone ahead with my plan to go to Oz with Jules. I think that was what made it all too bitter to swallow.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

All of Me

Not like I never cried in that school. I think this is the only school that managed to reduce me to tears hahaha Never happened when I was in esteejay but it happened quite frequently in this other school especially in 2011 and 2012.

But I usually did it in private. But not on that day. I cried in the Meeting Room. This happened after checking the result of my magazine editor. And it was captured dems.

His result was great. But  I wished for him to get more that that. Yeah, greedy me, I know. He only missed English while the rest he got all A+. 

The first time when I heard his name was not on the straight 9A+ list, I was already sad. But the dam broke when I checked the slip. English was the culprit. A solid A. I felt so sad on his behalf. I know for sure he would not react in public. So I guess, I cried on his behalf hahah

We only have 9 students who got A+ in English while I heard TKC got only 3. I wonder why. I don't think it's because of strict marking as I know how lenient it was while marking. It could be because of the examiner. Hmm 

Anyway, congrats SR. I wish you all the best in the future. I know you are brilliant. Be the best ok :) I'll always pray that your path is eased by Him coz you totally deserve it. 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Over My Head (Better Off Dead)

Experiencing fever twice in a month is not good, I can tell you that. Went to school despite having fever since I had to organise a koku course for the kids. The worst of 2 weeks, I tell you. 

Now I can properly breathe as many things are settled. Although I'd like to see some speed within the unit but I think I can manage. Been doing most of the things on my own anyway so there. But I got pissed with my assistant as she is too slowwww That's why I do things on my own. So the only one person to yell at is me.

So I decided to take a break. Went to KT with Has although Julie was not at home and she was very pissed about it hahah Well, I could only spare that weekend and I even took a CRK for that.

We managed to see her on the last night so I guess it was quite ok. The trip was filled with makan-makan session. I always love Tganu food :)

Eating good food non-stop at least made me forget about the workload in the school hahaha I think I need to go for a break often. The way I see it, stress is inevitable ;{

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